HomeAid is a national leader in the battle against homelessness. HomeAid contracted Hueman Studio for a comprehensive rebrand of the organization and its 19 affiliate chapters.

Services: Strategy, Design, Web & Technology, Content Creation

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The Challenge

When HomeAid approached our team for an organizational rebranding, both parties agreed that the old logo mark and branding made the organization feel outdated. Both sides also felt that within HomeAid’s 19 domestic chapters, there were inconsistencies around its principal purpose and mission. Lastly, it was felt that the old logo did not translate effectively to different mediums such as icons, social media outlets, and other smaller spaces. Overall, these kinds of factors crippled the organization’s ability to stand out among competitors or gain the attention of potential partners and patrons.

HomeAid’s logo mark before the rebranding update.


The Process

During the Identify phase, we helped HomeAid pinpoint their direct target audience of service providers in the homeless sector. Additionally, we helped them discover a new target that included America's top residential builders. Afterwards, we guided HomeAid through branding exercises, workbooks, and discussions directly tied to their target.

After working through this process together, HomeAid concluded their updated visual identity should be modern, strong, and adaptable. Furthermore, they wanted their brand's tone and voice to sound inclusive, collaborative, and educational, to help break the stereotypes and stigmas that surround the homeless population.

HomeAid’s new logo mark and tagline.

The new full mark, in lowercase, helps give the logo a friendly, approachable feel. A bold font weight (Fira Sans) is used to communicate the strength, resolve, and trust behind the success of HomeAid’s 25+ year legacy. Dark Teal Green, HomeAid’s new primary brand color, establishes itself from a combination of 1) competitor analysis, and 2) its color’s cognitive ability to communicate endurance, stability, and growth. Neighbor shades of blue and orange complement the green, and cover both warm and cool sides of the color spectrum.

Ingrained into the “h” of HomeAid’s logo mark was their new icon design, which incorporates an angular illustration of the triangle roof and a set of windows from a residential home. The triangle, having three sides, is meant to symbolize the cornerstone of HomeAid’s organizational focus: Construction, Community Engagement, and Education.

Animation reveal showcasing HomeAid’s new logo.


The Results

The final designs translate effectively to both screen and print, all while hitting the goals and targets defined in the Identify phase.

A highlight feature story on one of HomeAid’s clients.

A highlight video for HomeAid Sacramento.

Complete list of services: Audit, Research (Consumers, Archetypes), Insight & Planning, Brand Heart (Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values), Messaging (Tagline, Value Prop, Pillars), Voice & Tone, Copy Writing, Logo, Illustration, Identity (Color, Typography, Elements), Imagery, Social Media, Advertisements, Collateral (Packaging, Stationery, Apparel, Print), Squarespace, Branded Content, Photography, Videography, Motion Graphics, Styling


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