Same team, new name.

Creative Squeeze has changed its name to Hueman Studio.

What’s in a name? Nothing. And everything. We are the same team, regardless of what we call ourselves. Changing our name doesn't change our services, what we've accomplished, and the culture our team has developed over the last decade of working together.



A brief history.

For those of you who don't know us, Creative Squeeze isn't a name we chose, it is a name that we inherited. This name did its job and brought us to where we are today. Almost every year, we would make attempts to tweak and adjust the Creative Squeeze brand to grow with us. It had to reflect who we are and attract the partners and clients we wanted. Despite our efforts, however, we always felt that something was still missing.

Deep down, re-designing our logo year after year just didn't feel right. Helping partners and clients develop their brand heart, missions, visions, and values — while we had none created for ourselves — didn't sit well either.

A name is simply a word or phrase that constitutes the unique designation of a person or thing. All of us have one. But, when it comes to a business or entity specifically, a name has the potential to be more — it can tap into your purpose and your “why.” So, we decided to start from scratch, and consider a new name that is meaningful to us as people, connected to our purpose and beliefs, and represents our process.


A name with meaning.

So, why Hueman? The answer is within the name.

No matter what our occupation, skill set or beliefs are, when it’s all said and done, we’re all humans first. A hue is a color in its purest form, and color is a core element of design.

We took these two principles and merged them into Hueman.

In the coming months we’ll be launching Hueman Goods™ — a store full of Hueman apparel and accessories where 100% of proceeds of every sale go to a partnered charity chosen on a quarterly basis.


People first.
Design second.

All brands and businesses are by and for humans. It seems obvious. It is easy to accidentally overlook this idea, however, if you are not intentional about prioritizing your unique human audience during the design process. Likewise, it is easy for our personal preferences, biases, and opinions to overshadow what our audience would prefer. Having personal preferences and opinions is by no means a bad thing — there just needs to be a healthy amount of balance and discernment that comes with it.

Hueman Studio helps navigate this balance by combining strategy, positioning, and people-centered design to create powerful brands, websites, and visuals that engage your audience and help you grow.

We’re excited to venture into this next chapter together, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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