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Unlike big agencies, firms, or doing it yourself, our team provides a simple, strategic approach to projects centered around your audience. Learn more about our approach to work and projects.

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The foundational elements of why we are here and how we operate.

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Hueman Studio’s purpose is to empower business leaders to reach their goals. Our vision is a world where all business leaders can communicate effectively with their unique human audience. Our mission is to deliver impactful visual communication through people-centered design.

Our Values

world  Rooted In Respect

Treating everyone’s humanity, opinions, expertise, and time with respect, and always communicating honestly.

no-contact  Strength In Our Differences

Accepting and appreciating different opinions, beliefs, and experiences from others to provide truth and perspective to our work.

book  Lifelong Learning

Constantly exploring, testing, and learning to create and problem-solve the emerging challenges of our clients in an ever-changing design world.

magnifier  Evidence Above Ego

Prioritizing research and best-demonstrated practices over personal preferences will result in informed business, creative, and design decisions.

privacy-policy  Power Of Partnership

The best work comes from a group that openly shares ideas, attacks challenges together, and has everybody’s best interests in heart.

cockade  Excellence As A Habit

Continually bridging the gap between superior quality and execution, to achieve consistently impactful results.



Our process places the highest priority on your target audience.

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¹ Identify

The design journey begins with identifying your audience, which sets the foundation of for every design decision we make.

Hueman 101: The best brands and websites pay attention to the identity of their audience and cater to their needs, motivations, and values.

² Create

Any service we provide uses what we learned from the Identify step. Every design we create is tailored to fit the needs of your audience.

Hueman 101: Almost every aspect of design has a psychological component. This philosophy takes guesswork out of the design process, allowing us to express our creative side confidently.

³ Iterate

During this step, we gather your feedback to fine-tune the designs with your input.

Hueman 101: As we iterate back and forth and fine-tune together, it is critical not to lose sight of your target audience and keep them at the forefront of decisions, changes, and edits.

⁴ Delivery

After final deliverables are in your hands, we make sure you have everything you need for the next phase of your journey.

Hueman 101: You never stop learning how to speak effectively to your audience. Our work with you will ensure that you are equipped with everything you require for future-proof result.


Having a diverse creative team lets us offer a variety of different services.

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Research Consumers, Archetypes
Insight & Planning
Brand Heart Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values
Messaging (Tagline, Value Prop, Pillars)
Voice & Tone
Copy Writing


Identity Color, Typography, Elements, System
User Flow & Journey
Wireframes & Prototypes
Social Media
Collateral Packaging, Stationery, Apparel, Print

Web & Technology

Editor X
E-commerce & Retail
Insight & Planning
Adobe Suite

Content Creation

Branded Content
Motion Graphics


Our Team

People first, design second. Get to know the team you'll work with on your project.

Ken Roberson

Ken has a special knack for listening intently, and making people feel heard. Known for his resourcefulness, he (shamelessly) has an app on his phone for just about anything you can imagine. Ken enjoys spontaneous getaways with his wife, playing basketball, and is always up for chatting about the NBA, design, or the latest and newest tech.

CP Phan

A striking balance between introverted and extroverted is the best way to describe CP. A natural-born “dabbler” in a variety of things, you may likely hear CP small-talk about cameras, quirky business ideas, roasting coffee, and music. Although he shies away from physical contact with others, his favorite things to hug are trees (not literally) and his wifey and 3-year-old (literally).

Elvis Lopez

Much like his beloved cat Mango, Elvis is fueled by curiosity. His fascination with learning pushes him to master his interests, always expanding into new territories. On days that call for relaxation, his perfect day features having a nice glass of bourbon with his wife and watching a great horror flick, all while lounging at home listening to the Portland rain pour down.

Other team members:
Carly Harris

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