The Stout House

The Stout House is a local microbrewery and taproom in Upland, California.

Services: Strategy, Design

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The Challenge

Although stout beer is a specialty at the brewery, The Stout House has a reputation for the selection variety on their beer menu. Rather than focusing solely on the word “stout”, our goal was to create an identity that visualized the heart and values The Stout House wanted to embody. During the Identify phase, the owner’s passion of beer and its historical elements shined brightly in our conversations.

His willingness to share his knowledge and educate us also translated itself to his customers — all considered to be part of the authentic Stout House experience. Upon witnessing this, connecting the history of beer and the history of the local community (Upland, CA) was important to establish in the rebranded identity. 

Current logo design.


The Process

The new concept was developed to show various meanings of the name The Stout House, and more specifically, what it means to the owners of the establishment.

To commemorate the origins of stout beer, we created a custom font inspired by late 1800’s and early 1900s typography. We took visual aspects from Victorian and Gothic fonts and incorporated them with a modern touch and added decorative elements to fuse it all together. We also created a color palette that gives off a vintage feeling of nostalgia. The Dull Orange and Peach Cream were created to represent tones of beer, cream and foam.

Overall, all of these elements fit together to create that warm, nostalgic, and inviting feel they wanted to convey to their expanding target audience.

Our new logo design for The Stout House.


The Results

Both parties were pleased to see that the resulting designs were able to adapt and come to life, translating very well to packaging, kegs, bottle caps, glasses, and other brewery-related items.


“Thank you so much, I can tell you guys put a lot of time and passion into this.”

— Seth Pearce, Owner • The Stout House


Complete list of services: Research (Consumers, Archetypes), Logo, Illustration, Identity (Color, Typography, Elements), Collateral (Packaging, Stationery, Apparel, Print)


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